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The ways of the little.

18 Feb

Are you believing in yourself? I overheard my little client* asking his friend this. He was teaching his buddy the art of balloon tying, so his makeshift hacky-sack wouldn’t pour back onto the earth. As I sat there listening to their conversation, I was simply amazed at how kind, thoughtful, and considerate children are! They root for their friends to be successful and stand by, eagerly awaiting the moment they are. They cherish their friendships and allow their childlike faith to direct their every step.

Oftentimes, I find myself enjoying life more when I’m hanging out with the kids, rather than the adults. Somehow we have managed to take away the sparkle of life; it’s spirit crushed beneath our to-do lists, politics, need for gossip, and brick walls of insecurity. How I crave their simple lives! Could it be possible, however, that we can learn from these wise children and incorporate their actions into our own adult lives?

Can we learn to take great concern for our friends, rather than penciling them in to our busy lives? Can we root for them, rather than competing against them and coveting what they have? Can we allow ourselves to actually enjoy our jobs, rather than loathing them (no matter how justified our loathing would be)?

And, can we get back to the point of having childlike faith again? Yes, there is evil in the world; an endless supply of it. But, rather than keeping ourselves guarded and thinking we’re better off just trusting the “almighty me”, can we simply trust in the Almighty? He says He has great plans for us and will direct our steps (Jer29:11, Psalm85:13). Meaning, all of those worries and anxieties about the past/present/future shouldn’t exist if we really trust Him.

Let’s take risks, form friendships, love the unlovable, reach out a helping hand to someone in need. Let’s not think about what’s “cool” or not. And, let’s stop caring so much about fitting in with the crowd. Let us make a “new crowd” of fun-loving, passionate, adults who are eager to make others feel loved. Find your childlike joy again!

Helpful hint: riding a RazorĀ© scooter daily, will help you regain some childlike joy!

Helpful hint #2: if this is hard for you, I would be more than happy to roller-blade, play a game of Monopoly, or collect bugs with you!

* I’m a Behavioral Management Specialist.


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