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Be bold enough to: Read this.

19 Jan

In light of the events that occurred this week, I have found myself in a position of great distress. I spent the day, yesterday, celebrating the life of a man who became my family in two short years. He was such a funny, caring, kind-hearted, family man. The magnitude of his impact was proven by the church packed wall to wall with people who loved him. We laughed and cried as we remembered some of the best memories about him. It truly was a wonderful ceremony. But, as I sat there, I couldn’t help but reflect on all of the people in my own life; all of the people whom I would be heartbroken to see leave this earth anytime soon.

I believe in God. I believe He allowed His son, Jesus, to die on the cross as payment for my many many many sins, and rose again three days later to ascend back into Heaven. I believe He will return one day to restore this crumbling earth. I believe, because of the things I have experienced since I have become a Christian. I believe, because I have found that Scripture is 100% relevant to my life, and has led the way to a deeper faith. I believe, because of the complete life change I have gone through (trust me, a divine intervention was the only thing that could have changed me). I had nothing to lose by choosing to believe in God. I quickly learned, however, that I had everything to gain.

I am writing this to you, because I want you all to know the same God I know. I want you all to experience this absolutely wonderful, mind blowing, awe inspiring, unconditionally loving God that has changed my life. But, I want you to make this decision now. I don’t want it to take a death, or other tragic incident, to move you towards this decision. I want you all to allow yourselves to live an incredible life. Yes, people manage to live pretty decent lives without following God, but they sell themselves short. They could have it so much better. I promise.

This is my plea: try it. Not religion. Try God. Be bold enough to jump in feet first before you pass judgment on the Christian life. If you dedicate yourselves 100% to a relationship with God (and I mean really), and He doesn’t change your life, then feel free to continue on with Him. I promise you, He will come through. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t even have to be in the same town as perfect. As humans, we don’t have the ability to be perfect, but we do have the ability to change.

If anyone who is reading this has any questions, any whatsoever, please ask them. Ask me. Ask a pastor. Ask anyone who could genuinely attest to who God is. If you want to hear more of my testimonies to who God is, I will gladly share. I care about all of you. Be bold. Be brave. Don’t sell yourselves short.


Be bold enough to: move forward.

12 Jan

Read: Exodus 14

I’ve just landed smack dab in the middle of uncertainty. The details of this new situation aren’t as important as the fact that I’m downright terrified of what the outcome could be. Let’s just say I’ve never had to deal with a situation like this, nor did I have it on my bucket list of future things to do. But, it’s here, and I have to face it.

I was desperate for some quick guidance on how I needed to proceed, and boy was I given it. Exodus 14 was part of my devotional this morning, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It gives such a great example of people having to face their fears and trust God’s lead. This chapter begins with the Israelites’ newfound deliverance from slavery. They were traveling on a path to a new future of freedom, away from the Egyptians. Something terrifying, however, was going to take place before they reached that freedom.

“As Pharaoh approached, the Israelites looked up, and there were the Egyptians marching after them.” v. 10

The Israelites saw the massive Egyptian army (600+ chariots, horses, troops) approaching them on all sides. They sat there wide-eyed, and listened to the thundering of horse hooves and the troops’ cries drawing closer and closer. (Wouldn’t this make a great thriller?) Needless to say, the Israelites were terrified and had no idea where to turn. Moses offered the following words of wisdom that we should all remember in our own hard times:

“Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today…” “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” v. 13-14

The Lord then tells Moses to “move on” (v. 15), as in to move forward. God wanted Moses and the Israelites to face their fears, and trust Him to see them through. Afterall, he had just delivered them from slavery. How quickly they forgot how powerful He is. How quickly, we too, forget.

The truths that Moses told them were truths that should have been in their hearts already. How many times have we encountered difficult situations and instantly worried about the outcome? I just did. How many times have we done so right after God proved to be faithful? Guilty again.

The rest of Chapter 14 goes on to describe how God, again, delivered them from their difficult situation; how He, again, knew exactly what He was doing in the situation; and, how He, again, proved that He was for them and not against them. He gave Moses the direct order to move forward, part the sea, and lead the Israelites through to safety. He wanted him to face his fears. Moses never objected, nor did he ask God if He had forgotten to take his medicine that day. No, Moses “moved on”, completely trusting that God would deliver them; and, He did. The Israelites crossed through safely, and the Egyptians were washed completely away. Freedom was now secured.

The next time we are faced with situations that frighten us, may we view them as opportunities to grow closer to God. May our first reactions be to stand firm, face our fears head on, and know that God is in control. He will deliver us. We must move on.

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